Do-in Yoga for Kids

Tell me more about this yoga!

During a do-in yoga class we pay attention to:

- playful exercises & breathing techniques

- traditional stretching exercises (from do-in yoga)

- interactive moments

- mindfulness exercises for reflection.

With regular practice children will feel vital, happy and relaxed! The Japanese exercises come from a 'Makko Ho', and are translated to playful exercises for kids. During class the kids can enjoy calming and playful exercises. An example: give a child a feather and let it use the breath to keep blowing the feather up in the air. Like this exercise there are more examples of playful breathing techniques. Children are also invited to interact with each other during the workshop. Do-in Yoga is also a way to look within, so calming exercises are a part of the workshop.

About the instructor
Merel has trained aikido for a long time and has become adjusted to Japanese manners and culture from when she was 17 years old. She studied Zen Shiatsu, a japanese therapy, for 5 years and she is still learning and developing. She is also active in the IT field as an account manager. Beside her job she works as a do-in yoga instructor, and is developing her creative side: designing jewelry and eye pillows.

Practical info
Feel free to contact Yinspire
for more information about do-in yoga or an upcoming yoga workshop for kids.

'Onegaishimasu'! (Japanese 'greeting' meaning something like please or thank you for what I will learn).